Sangenchaya International School Summer School

In an increasingly global society, it’s crucial for children to learn about and consider the world around them. Experiencing the world firsthand is key.

By joining various programs and activities with peers other students from around the world in Japan, engaging with Japanese culture, language, and people, this will helps children feel connected to the world and realize their part in it.

We offer opportunities to spark children’s interest in the world, expanding their knowledge and perspectives with our Summer School.

This year’s summer school will be themed “Learn STEAM in English!”

STEAM stands for:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Mathematics

Based on the daily themes, activities, crafts, and games all are incorporated to make learning fun. The curriculum is unique and diverse, engaging the five senses, and focuses on themes from various fields that captivate children’s interests minds.

Each theme is enjoyable and educational, ensuring a valuable experience for your child. Please be sure to join us this Summer!

About Sangenchaya International School

Sangenchaya International School is an English school located a 6-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station in Setagaya, Tokyo, catering to students from infancy to high school age.

At our school, we emphasize “studying properly” and “acquiring practical English skills.” We aim for students to gain the ability to succeed globally by learning English.

During summer vacation, children can make friends, experience different cultures, and take on new challenges. This program is perfect for children who want to grow and develop a love for English  and STEAM, all while studying in Japan!

3 Key Elements

Key Element 1: Experience
Children learn STEAM through hands-on activities and crafts, enhancing curiosity, thinking, skills, imagination, and speaking skills.

Key Element 2: Non-cognitive skills
Early exposure to foreign cultures and languages boosts children’s non-cognitive skills, essential for navigating a dynamic and ever changing society.

Key Element 3: Friendships that will last a Lifetime
Since the Japanese children participating in the program are also learning English, they naturally want to communicate in English. Interacting with peers from different countries, whom they would never have had a chance to meet otherwise, helps to broaden their horizons.



  • Participation possible from 1day only is available
  • Suitable for children from preschool (age 4) to 3rd grade(age 9).
  • Lunch orders are available.


You can participate for any 1day from the date listed below.

【Elementary(age 7-9) 】
July 29th(MON) to August 22nd (THU)
※Closed on Friday, weekends and during the Obon holiday period.(August 10th ~ 16th)

【Kindergarten (age4-6)】
August 5th (Mon) to August 22nd (Fri)
※Closed on Friday, weekends and during the Obon holiday period.(August 10th ~ 16th)

Lesson time

10:00 to 14:00

*Entry from 9:30, lessons start at 10:00


Sangenchaya International School [ MAP ]


【Elementary(age 7-9) 】1st to 3rd grade
【Kindergarten (age4-6)】Preschool and kindergarten

items to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box (or order available)


For Elementary students(age 7-9)
Growing a plant Crafts

Assemble a car

Sparkling Jewelry Box

Human Body

Creating a painting

Marble Run
Color Water

water gun

Robotic Arm

Build a Bridge

Balancing can

Planetarium creation

…The program will be conducted jointly for both elementary and preschool children.
 ※However, some themes are subject to change.
For Kindergarten Students(age4-6)

Open only for elementary school students.

Bouncing Penguin Craft
Make a Paper Pinball

Water Xylophone

water gun

Walking colors

Paper Cup Challenge

Planetarium creation

…The program will be conducted jointly for both elementary and preschool children.
 ※However, some themes are subject to change.

Lesson times

Items to bring Water bottle, lunch box (order available)


Class Begins at 10:00
Entry is allowed from 9:30.


Theme explanation


Activity 1


Lunch time


Activity 2


English Speaking Games


Today’s Review & Going Home 

※The schedule is subject to change.

Previous Summer School Photos

These are photos of previous summer schools. The themes were “Discovering Space,” “Under the Sea,” and “Around the World.” Students engaged in learning and art projects related to those themes.

It was ivery exciting to have the children proudly showing off their creations to parents and staff, saying, “Look! I made this today!” or “I chose yellow  for this!!”

During Sangenchaya International school’s summer school, both regular students and new participants joined together and initially everyone was nervous; but they all quickly became friends after completing their projects together, (when these group photos were taken).


I’m worried about my child participating alone.

Each day starts with a circle time that includes introductions to help children communicate with each other and learn each other’s names. Japanese staff are also available to provide support if needed. Please feel free to consult with us if you have any concerns.

Are there any additional costs besides the participation fee?

Pleaserefer to the fee information below. There are no additional costs such as admission fees or material fees. Lunch orders are also available as an option.

Can I apply even if I don’t live nearby?

Yes, please apply from anywhere. We accept applications from many parts of Japan.. Many children from outside of the Setagaya Ward often participate in our summer school.

What about lunch?

Lunches are the daily specials prepared by nearby restaurants made specifically for our school, catered for children. Some children look forward to these delicious and cute lunches.


Participation fee14,000yen/day

※ Fees Include insurance, facilities, and material fees.

How to Apply

Click on the “Register Now” button.
Click on the “Get Ticket” button and Purchase the tickets.
The school will contact you via email within a week.

Please be sure to check your junk mail folder, when you receive our emails from

Contact us


sangenchaya International school

〒154-0011 東京都世田谷区上馬1-32-12 2F
Kamiuma 1-32-12-2F, Setagaya-ku, 151-0011 Tokyo, Japan.


The school is a six-minute walk from the south exit of Sangenchaya station.